Silverwater/Long Bay

The girls were singing along to a Kanye West song
hanging out of the car, screaming at the stars
The speedo was dialling up, think I was spooked by a truck
I didn't lay any rubber down I heard it later from the crown

I don't remember, I can't recall
I have bad dreams if I sleep at all
Silverwater Long Bay, such pretty names

On Fridays in my town everyone is down
at the Railway or the Royal; to whichever they are loyal
If I'm going to go out, I'm careful who's about
you know alcohol is a breech of my parole

The judge was gentle, but young folks died
They're going to need a tooth for that eye

Silverwater Long Bay, such pretty names

I could not look them in the eye
surely heard them softly cry
Silverwater Long Bay
Such pretty names